The Father’s Heart

Luke 15:11-24, The Parable of the Lost Son.

This life gives us basically two choices: live in the Father’s home, or flee to a “distant country.”  Our choice is usually based on how well we understand the character of our heavenly Father.

For meditation and discussion:

  1. In what ways do we find the “distant country,” far from God’s dwelling place, most alluring?
  2. What do we do in response?
  3. When we read this parable, who appears to be the main character, and why?
  4. What does the father’s response tell us about the nature of God, particularly toward us?
  5. In what areas of our own lives do we need God to run to us (v.20)?

Give yourself permission to sit still with this parable for a few moments this week as the living God speaks to your innermost self.

Many blessings,

Pastor Mike


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