A Posture Problem

Galatians 5:16-23 (The Message)


Position changes condition. 

There are essentially two ways to live our lives: either toward God or away from God. They don’t coexist. They can’t.

handsOf course, the natural human condition is oriented away from God.  It’s more than just bad deeds.  It’s a condition.  It’s a “posture problem.”  The distance between God and ourselves represents the “if only” of the human experience.  As the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, we share their posture problem, which Michelangelo represented so masterfully in the Sistine Chapel (see the image above.)
The chasm between us and God won’t stay empty for long, of course.  Through history, we fill our needs with substitutes — idols. And the result is a mess.  Because as Paul writes, we cannot sustain opposing ways of living.

For reflection:

  1. In what ways have you discovered yourself in a natural posture away from God?
  2. Have you ever tried to find substitutes (idols) for God?  What were they?  What has been the result?
  3. In what ways could you change your posture so that unlike Adam in this painting, you were actually leaning toward God?
  4. Changing your position can change your condition — but only when we’re willing to get real with our messes.  What kinds of messes do you need to put out into Gods’s light?

I want to invite you to give yourself permission to “do nothing” for 5-10 minutes today to read this passage, consider these questions, and listen for what God may be saying to you today.

Many blessings!


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