God’s Timing is Perfect

Luke 19:1-10

The life we are living is a gift.  Even though life has its “ups and downs,” even the chance we have to experience life had to have been initiated as a gift long before we could have understood it or contributed to it.

And there is a narrative arc that extends from before you were born until this moment, and what links that narrative together is Grace.

The grace of God is manifest to us in three ways, the first of which is known as “Prevenient Grace.”  It refers to the ways God was at work in our lives before we could have had an awareness of him.  We might see that grace as we look back in reflection, but at the moment we couldn’t have recognized it.

In the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector was eager to get a glimpse of Jesus.  But what led him to that state of mind?  How did he feel when he realized that Jesus already knew who he was and had plans for him before they even met?

For reflection:

  1. Can you link 3-5 events in your life story together to see how they led you to where you are today?
  2. Life can be really tough; can you see the work of God’s grace in your story even in the most difficult chapters?
  3. If your story is one of God’s grace, what can you infer about the lives of others you know?  What about strangers?  Enemies?
  4. If God has been at work throughout your life, what does that mean about your present?  Your future?

Stories are meant to be shared — if you’d like to share some of your story, you’re welcome to in the comments!

Many blessings,



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