Sharing Burdens

Revelation 7:9-12

Last week, we heard about “pilers,” that is, people who tend to pile up their homes or offices with the clutter of everyday life.  And while we’d like God to bless our mess, what we really need is transformation.

In so many places worldwide, people’s lives are “piled” with messes that they cannot transform.  They come in the form of poverty, injustice, disease, corporate and cultural challenges, and many more.  And of course the power and presence of the Holy Spirit is active in the world.  Moreover, God is calling us to engage people’s “messiness” by sharing their burdens with them.

In this way, we hope to move ever closer to the vision John had in the book of Revelation: a great multitude from every nation praising God for the freedom God has given us in Christ Jesus.

For reflection:

  1. When you consider the needs of your local community, what needs stand out the most?
  2. When you consider the needs of the wider world, what needs stand out the most?
  3. Have you ever “shared someone’s burden” with them?  What was your experience?
  4. Have you ever had someone else share in your burden with you?  What was that like?
  5. Regardless of the way we serve others, it requires a degree of self-sacrifice.  What might you have to give up, or give away, from your normal routine in order to answer God’s call to share in others’ burdens?


Many blessings to you in gracious service!


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