The Impact of Generosity

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

When we let God’s grace into our lives, we live and grow as a community of grace.  But to let God give, there are things we have to give away.

It turns out there is no magical formula for being able to tithe (give 10% of one’s income to the ministry as an acknowledgement that it, and everyone we have, belongs to God.)  Craig and Jill discussed their frank conversations and decision-making as a married couple, and the freedom they’ve found in giving to God first rather than last.

We all know that if we put God last, there’s often nothing left to give, and even if we do give it is often out of compulsion, guilt, and it can cause real anxiety.  The whole thing unravels.  But when we put God first, and let our saving, taxes, and bills come next, our lifestyle more easily adapts to these wiser priorities.

Pastor Aaron fielded questions from the congregation that they texted live, during the service.  Here are a few fun questions for you to reflect on during this season of giving:

  1. If you suddenly came into a million dollars, what would you do with it?
  2. Is there anything in your lifestyle (a.k.a. expenses) that you could actually live without?  What could you not live without?
  3. If God doesn’t need money, why does he command us to give?

Many blessings!


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