The Sounds of Christmas

Luke 1:67-80, “A Parent’s Joy”

There are times when God seems silent.

There are times when we need to be silent.

And there are times when we need to burst forth in joyful song!  Today was a day to break the silence of Advent; a time to cast our minds forward to the fulfillment of God’s promises.

As Jesus’ people, we live an “already-not-yet” existence.  In Christ, the Kingdom of God has already come, breaking into our world with the rushing wind of God’s Holy Spirit.  But the Kingdom of God has not yet been fulfilled, evident in the broken, but healing, world in which God has placed us.  And so Jesus’ people are to be characterized by a unique sort of waiting.

Like the moment after the orchestral overture, but before the curtain rises, we wait with baited breath, with eager anticipation, with joyful excitement.  For we know that what we wait for will come.  And it will be worth the wait.

For reflection:

  1. Can you recall a time in your past when you just had to share some good news?  When you burst forth with joy?
  2. Have you ever known someone who was so full of excitement, enthusiasm, or joy that they couldn’t keep silent?
  3. In seasons when God seems silent, how do you suppose you might maintain hope?
  4. In seasons when the noisy din of humanity drowns out the peace-giving presence of God, what could you do to find peace?
  5. In seasons when you’re blessed with joy, what can you do to express it?

Many blessings,




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