2018: Moving Forward

“The Church must be outwardly focused to be inwardly strong.”  

This morning, Pastor Aaron shared some of the fundamental principles that made the original followers of Jesus bond so permanently, and which to this day still solidify the Church’s identity and purpose.

When Jesus initially called disciples to himself, he identified himself as having a purpose: “I will send you out to fish for people” (Mark 4:19).  Even after Jesus’ ascension, the early church simultaneously saw health in their community and rapid growth.

The reason?  Purpose.

“Healthy community flows out of a unified cause — not the other way around.”

So the question each of us is asking today is: “What part is God calling me to play in the purpose God is fulfilling through this congregation and in this community?”

For reflection:

  1. Have you ever shared a common purpose with someone so powerful that it created a lasting bond?
  2. Have you ever lacked a common purpose with someone and felt your friendship grow weak?
  3. If you had to tell a stranger what UPPC’s purpose was, what would you say?
  4. If you had to tell a non-Christian what your purpose is as a Jesus follower, what would you say?

Many blessings,



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