Jesus Rescues

It was Bible Day Camp at UPPC all last week!  And that means that our regularly-scheduled series was on hold this week as we celebrated all the KIDS!

The overall theme of the week was Shipwrecked, and you can see tons of photos of all the fun on our UPPC Facebook page.

There was a unique focus each day, and together they all had something in common.

  1. Loneliness.  We know Jesus understood this, in his own life and as he interacted with various people.  There was a woman who was isolated for twelve years because of a medical condition, and Jesus “rescued” her by giving her dignity…and of course physical healing as well.
  2. Worry.  Everyone worries, right?  But it rarely does much good.  When Jesus is in the home of Martha and Mary, Martha is “worried and upset” about many things, but Jesus reassures her that only one thing really matters: himself.  He rescues her from the notion that she has to be good enough and invites her to enjoy his presence.
  3. Struggle.  There are internal and external struggles of course, and sometimes they even overlap.  A very wealthy young man approaches Jesus, asking how to inherit eternal life.  But when Jesus tells him to sell everything, he struggles with his dilemma.  The good news is that Jesus looked at him and loved him, unconditionally.
  4. Wrongdoing.  Everyone has done wrong at some point or another, but not everyone’s sin has been retold for centuries the way Peter’s denial of Jesus has been.  Even though Jesus didn’t “rescue” him that night, he sure did the next day — on the cross.  The same place he rescues each of us from the sin that otherwise holds us down and leads to death.
  5. Powerlessness.  Like Peter, when we do wrong we often deal with regret, or being powerless to change things.  When Peter felt powerless after his denial of Jesus, Jesus came to him — resurrected, never to die again.  What’s more, he didn’t leave Peter (or any of us) powerless.  Jesus empowered him to be the rock of Christ’s church and begin sharing the good news throughout the known world.

All of these things share in common one universal human feature:  weakness.  That’s why the “Shipwrecked” theme is so great.  When we are truly shipwrecked in our loneliness, worry, struggles, sin, or powerlessness, Jesus’ love remains constant, the Holy Spirit remains present, and the power of God is made perfect in our weakness.

For reflection:

  1. One question this time!  Consider any one of the five human attributes above.  Rank them in order, from the most relevant to you right now, to the least.  Bring each of them to God in prayer and ask God to make his power perfect in your weakness.


Many blessings,




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