Raised with Christ

Colossians 3:1-4

Where we “set our minds” is of the utmost importance!  When we live with and for Jesus, the reality of the Kingdom of God becomes clearer and clearer to us.  But this is no pie-in-the-sky pining away for utopia.  It’s not about letting our imaginations conjure a fantasy we wished we were living in.  It’s an acknowledgement and daily awareness of a reality that at one time we could not see, but in Christ we begin to see.

The first two chapters of Colossians focus largely on “what is true.”  In chapter 3, we see Paul turning the corner to the always-important question: “What does this mean for our lives?”

Having established that “you died with Christ” (2:20), Paul begins here with the encouragement that having died, we are also raised with Christ.  And that means new life in every facet.  We have new identities, new spiritual family, new purpose, and of course, new vision.  It was this kind of “kingdom vision” that set apart all the great ancestors of the faith, described in Hebrews 11.

For reflection:

  1. If the Kingdom of God were fulfilled today, what would it look like?  Use your imagination!
  2. Read Isaiah 61:1-4.  Take some time to visualize how the Messiah, Jesus, can transform people’s lives.
  3. Pray: what is God calling you toward, as God builds his Kingdom in this world through you, Christ’s body the Church?

Many blessings,




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