Vision Refill

There’s a saying: “Vision leaks.”

Our ability to stay focused on long-term goals relies on our vision of those goals, and every one in a while, our vision has leaked to the point that we need a refill.

As disciples of Jesus, our ultimate goal is clear, of course: to be faithful to God’s will for the world.  That faithfulness includes being good stewards of the calling God has given us as a church in our community.  So to stay focused on our vision, today we looked at six value statements for University Place Presbyterian Church.

  1. We are a church on mission.  We don’t just gather to sing songs and wait for heaven.  We’re committed to being the love of Jesus to our 5-mile and radius and beyond.
  2. We get messy, as we do our best to be agents of change for what is broken in our city.  For example, we’re still so pleased that one of the strongest ministries is our partner, Families Unlimited Network, and their ministry among other things to 3,000 food insecure people in our community.
  3. We stand with refugees.  Jesus was clear about welcoming the stranger and doing everything we can to provide for those in need and stand up against oppressive systems.
  4. We are intent on building a culture of discipleship.  95% devotion to God is 5% short.  Following Jesus means intentionally engaging in ways we can grow and mature in Christ’s likeness.
  5. We are looking ahead toward future pastoral leadership.  We’ve been listening to the congregation as we prayerfully discern the needs that a more comprehensive pastoral team could serve.
  6. We are stewarding generously, wisely, and sacrificially.  A person can never get very close to Jesus if they aren’t willing to let Jesus near their wallet.  In fact, generosity is integral to spiritual formation.  We believe God rewards and resupplies those who are faithful with what God has given.

For reflection:

  • Which of these value statements resonates well with you, and why?
  • Which of these value statements challenges you, and why?
  • God calls us in ways that can make us uncomfortable, but also purposeful.  In what ways might God be calling you to new purpose in the upcoming year?

Many blessings,




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