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The UPPC Small Groups Team is committed to supporting and equipping UPPC small group life.  We would love to hear from you!

UPPC Focus Statement

At University Place Presbyterian Church we strive to be the love of Jesus locally, intentionally, spontaneously and tangibly.

The UPPC Code:

As a Family of Faith, We …

  • Are In This Together: We comfort and care for our brothers and sisters in Christ, here and around the world.
  • Make Room: We value sacred space in a secular world – our gatherings are a place of Holy Spirit moments and great healing.
  • Love Kids: We honor children and youth – through spiritual growth and general nurture – as a foundation for all we do.
  • Create: We celebrate music and the arts to lift our hearts, enhance our worship, and celebrate God’s goodness with others in and outside the church.
  • Embrace Messiness: Guided by the word, embracing both spiritual truth and divine grace, as we share life’s faith journey in all its messiness and all its glory, together.
  • Share: We share our abundant blessings generously – through service and mission, talent and treasure.
Presbyterian Church (USA)

UPPC is a member of the PC(USA) denomination. The PC(USA) is the largest of several Presbyterian denominations. It traces back to 1793 and is now headquartered in Louisville, KY. Its constitution has two parts: The Book of Confessions teaches what we believe and The Book of Order teaches how our church is organized.

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